EC Malta Student Testimonial – Polina Manina, from Russia

“Of course I would recommend EC Malta. It’s the best school in Malta! This school has a good way to improve English of students. Students enjoy it because of lessons always so interesting. I am happy to be there. I improved my English a lot and now I am on Advanced level. I like that the school has … Read more

Valletta Tour is one of the tours EC Malta has to offer

Valletta is Malta’s Capital City and a world Heritage site nothing short of an open-air museum. In Maltese known simply as Il Belt, meaning “The City”. Valletta is dotted with historic cafes and museums, restaurants, banks, hotels and government offices. Among other tourists attraction, it hosts amo … Read more

EC Malta Student Testimonial – Rafael Bello, from Colombia

“Yes, of course I would recommend EC Malta. The school is full of excellent teachers, quality, thousands of activities, new friends and wonderful experiences. I like the location of EC, the people, the teachers, the classrooms (especially the e-boards) and the attention. I learnt a lot in IELTS and … Read more

EC Malta: “Show the World we are one!”

The ball is already on the field and the supporters are prepared to kick off the most anticipated international event!   Today marks the start of the World Cup in Brazil and EC Malta will definitely be joining on the celebration! Throughout last week, in collaboration with students and staff we … Read more

Have you been exercising whilst studying English in Malta?

Even if you do not like to sweat, or if no exercise suits you, there is nothing that prevents you from finding new ways to pleasantly and efficiently burn calories. 1) Walk your dog: twice a day, walk, and play with your pet. Walking your dog is an efficient way to burn, without even thinking about … Read more

What is theatre: Essay written by Masashi Yamazaki

As a person who has never thought about “theatre” logically, everything Lizzie talked about was fascinating and renewed my ideas about theatre. As Lizzie briefly mentioned, we can recognize between the theatre and the lecture or even everyday life. For instance, in both situations, there are people … Read more

EC Malta Student Testimonial – Romain Piel, from France

“Of course I would recommend EC Malta because people are so welcoming in here! I really like the students, they are so open-minded the mixed-cultures and so on. The teachers are so sympatic. The buildings are so well made with nice classrooms, air conditioning and two rooftops. The teachers are ador … Read more