In the memory of Mark Samut Tagliaferro… Poem from Dion Pizzuto

Beloved Mark.


A destined friend and countryman,

that’s what Mark was for me.

He was a one-in-a-million good guy,

who allowed me the opportunity to be free.

Free from inhibitions and facades; to be myself.

Any prejudice and intolerance was left on the shelf.

Every time we met it would brighten up our day.

We’d indulge in a friendly banter and then be on our way.

Mark taught me to never give up,

and just do the best that I can.

Above all he acknowledged my good points,

and treated me as a decent man.

The time came for our dear friend to leave us,

and take up his place next to God.

Now whenever I see a star twinkle,

I know it’s Mark’s spirit giving me a nod.

Rest in peace dear Mark.

Your memory will live on forever!

Written by; Dionisius Peter Paul PIZZUTO – 1.7.14.