Tribute to Mark Samut Tagliaferro

Mark Samut Tagliaferro (10/12/43 – 11/6/14)


A sobering mist has shrouded all the hills,

Some tears of rain have squeezed out from the sky,

The white ghost glides upon the silver sea;

It all seems so unreal.

What were you doing just three days ago?

Teaching in your own inimitable style;

You cracked your usual jokes on your way home,

Went off to play some bridge.

Walking home you were almost at your gate

When agony set in and down you fell;

People concerned all gathered, tried to help,

But your heart had cracked and stopped.

Now we come to pay our last respects –

The church is full of family and friends;

We can’t believe we won’t see you again –

I think God Himself will be shocked.

I know your military strength will get you through –

You’ll be comforted by your wife and erstwhile friends.

Whenever I do the crossword, listen to songs,

I’ll remember you, Mark.

Written by; Linda Henry.