Study English in Malta Teachers Poem

I’ve just turned 55,

and it’s good to be alive.

Wondering what’s in store,

while there’s lots to be thankful for.

Life hasn’t been a bed of roses;

continuous disappointments in small doses.

Challenges tackled along the way,

but I’m still in one piece, I’m glad to say.

I find it hard to still my mind.

So many thoughts and some unkind.

I must figure out a way to relax.

Unfortunately, that’s what my life lacks.

Older and wiser, so they say.

So I should be able to find a way,

to let the stress of life subside,

and feel rejuvenated on the inside.

The answer lies in being spiritually aware.

Then the years may pass without a care.

ESL Malta... Looking Forward to a great summer with EC!

Written by a Study English in Malta teacher by  Dionisius Peter Paul PIZZUTO – 5.7.15.