Climate change, global warming discussed at EC Malta

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When you hear the word “Environment” some people have bad images such as environment destruction, pollution and so on.

This time, we learn about climate change and global warming. Climate change affects the temperature which will continue to rise. The cause of it is almost human. We burn fossil fuels such as oil and coal which emits CO2 and deforest. As less trees, they can’t store CO2 and there is a lot of CO2 in the atmosphere. We call it greenhouse gases. In the ecosystem, if there’s not enough greenhouse gases, the earth will be too cold for life. On the other hand, if there’s too much greenhouse gases, the earth will be too hot and life will die.

This situation means global warming. Global warming makes an impact on the environment such as rising sea levels, animals dying, more fires, floods, droughts, storms and so on. However the causes are not only global warming but also the earth’s axis. The Inuit Tribes pointed out that their sky has changed. It means that the earth axis has shifted. The sun no longer rises where it used to rise.

Ikue Sano is a student at EC English School in Malta