Love was definitely in the air this week….

Valentine’s Day could not be avoided at EC Montreal this week!!  Activities included an attempt at speed dating, which turned into a lovely student meet & greet, our couples competition and our romantic comedy movie marathon in the student lounge!   It was also a blast to see students  searching for hearts hidden around the school!  It was a joy to see them racing into the office with a huge smile on their faces claiming their valentine prize!!   In addition to the school activities, Emmanuel and Andrea included Valentine’s Day themed events in their evening programme this week!  A lovely tour of Romantic Old Montreal as well as Cupid Archery lessons!!  We hope the joy of Valentine’s Day will continue at tonight’s clubbing activity and again on Saturday’s Ottawa Winterlude activity!! 

At EC Montreal, Valentine’s Day helped to remind us that we all LOVE what we do and we LOVE that the world truly does come to us!!




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