Devour Montreal!

Throughout our student’s stay, they have many opportunities to enjoy a Taste of Montreal.  Every month, EC Montreal offers a free activities programme at the school.  We offer a variety of activities that include fitness, teambuilding activities, music, dance and what we call “A taste of Montreal”.  We share our local foods and specialties to our students depending on the time of year and what our monthly theme is.  Our students will have a lot to look forward to this winter season.  In February, to celebrate the month of love and indulgence, EC Montreal will host its first annual chocolate festival.  We will be serving our students a variety of local chocolates; including a chocolate fountain!!  In March we look forward to our Sugar Shack festivities.  Sugar Shacks are located on maple farms where maple sap is extracted from the trees and turned into the most delicious maple syrup.  We will celebrate this sweet tradition with our students with a month long activity list that will include pancake day and a visit to a traditional Sugar Shack – known as La Cabane à Sucre for us Quebecers!

chocolate festival

In addition to our free activities programme, students will be invited to attend group dinners, food and beer tours lead by our dynamic activity coordinators, Emmanuel and Andrea.  They will be organizing the most fabulous outings to celebrate Montreal’s love of food!



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