Montreal Poutine Week

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We suggest you follow your work out schedule to a teeth these days (maybe with an extra adage on January 30th starting at 3:30 in EC Montreal’s student lounge!!!), because Montreal’s Poutine Week is starting strong on January 31, 2013! So be diligent at the gym so that you can enjoy the entire poutine week !

Poutine, see picture below if you are not yet familiar with the dish, is one of the traditional preferred dishes of Quebecers, and Montreal boasts a long array of restaurants  that offer different varieties of it.

poutine plate

The Poutine week offers you the possibility to take a tour of the restaurants registered under Poutine Montreal. The opening party will take place at the Globe restaurant, on St- Laurent Street, on January 31 2013 20:00 pm.

Here’s the link to get more info on the participating restaurants:


Montreal’s Poutine Week is a unique experience allowing you to discover and savour specially concocted poutines at special prices.  Some of the EC Montreal staff already indulged in this traditioanl dish.

EC & poutine

 Here’s the perfect opportunity for EC’s international students to take a gourmand tour of Montreal.  An enriching culinary journey to take with friends from all over the globe! Bon apetit!



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