Chocolate Festival at EC Montreal

EC language school in Montreal had a chocolate festival for their students in the student lounge at break time today.  Who doesn’t love chocolate?  We had mountains of fruits, marshmallows, brownies, cookies, chocolate covered almonds and raisins to say the least, and of course, you can’t have a chocolate festival without a chocolate fountain.

It’s hard to pin down exactly when chocolate was born, but it’s clear that it was cherished from the start. For several centuries in pre-modern Latin America cacao beans were considered valuable enough to use as currency.  Today we might not be able to use chocolate as currency but as far as I’m concerned chocolate has an awe-inspiring taste.  I think by looking at the pictures below our students agree with me.

IMG_0534 (800x533)IMG_0547 (800x533) IMG_0551 (800x533) IMG_0567 (800x533)



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