EC Montreal Celebrates International Women’s Day!


Today was a very special day at our EC Language School in Montreal!  We celebrated International Women’s Day!  A day to honour the strength, intelligence, beauty and determination of women!  EC Montreal is blessed to have amazing women as teachers, staff members and students.


We encouraged the entire EC community to come to school wearing the colour purple, the symbol of International Women’s Day.  To create an even bigger buzz we promised to award the first person to come to the office wearing purple shouting “Happy International Women’s Day!” a special treat!

Mary, our English teacher was the winner!! Before 8:30 this morning, she was already wishing us a Happy Women’s Day!!

We surprised all the women this morning with a special badge of honour celebrating Women’s Day and a sweet purple treat!  All the women at EC wore their badge proudly!

women's day gorup phto

At break time, we grouped all those who wore purple together for some lovely group photos!  It is days like today where we feel more than ever the amazing sense of community that exists at EC Montreal!  This special sense of family unites us and opens our minds to the world that exists around us!





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