Licia Goncalves: “It was super cool…”.

Licia Goncalves is a mature student from Brazil.  She only attended EC Montreal for a 3-week period, but it was enough time for her to make friends, visit the city and improve her French!

Here is what she would like to share with all of you:


Bonjour!  My name is Licia Goncalves and I am from Brazil. Coming to study French in Montreal was a really good experience for my life! My goal was to improve my French and also develop some skills which could be useful more my career. Although I only stayed for three weeks, I could satisfy my expectations. Studying at EC Montreal allowed me to better understand the “accent québécois”, meeting a lot of people from other countries and better understand other cultural ideas. It was super cool to have made an international experience, to get to know a different city and a different lifestyle.  Canada is an amazing country and offers so many interesting things to do, so many beautiful places to visit. Félicitations EC pour votre travail, je remercie l’équipe et les profs. Je suis très contente d’être venu ici! Merci!



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