UFC Welterweight Champion of the World!

The UFC’s Welterweight Champion of the World is a Montrealer named Georges Rush Saint-Pierre (GSP).  He defended his title this past weekend for the ninth time!  He has been the champion in his division for the past 7 years! GSP trains at a local martial arts gym right here in Montreal called … Read more

Interview with Alumni Soo-Yeon Jin from Korea

Interviewee: Soo-Yeon Jin (SYJ) Study dates: March 23, 2009 to September 4, 2009 Interviewer: Renee Lee (RL) RL: It is so good to hear from you again, Soo! Why don’t you tell us about yourself? SYJ: Hi, Renee. It is so nice to talk to you! First of all, it’s my great honor to have this i … Read more

Christmas in Montreal!

EC Montreal has launched a new special offer for the holiday season!  If you are looking for a fairy tale Christmas experience, Montreal is definitely the destination for you! The Christmas package includes 20 Lessons of English or French instruction per week, accommodation at the Varcity 515 Reside … Read more

Movember Fundraiser Success!

EC Montreal held its first annual Movember fundraiser today!  It was a full day of giving.  It began at an early 8:00 a.m. pancake breakfast.  Our student ambassadors have been spreading the word all week to our students to wait until they get to school to buy their coffee and breakfast.  It was a s … Read more

Baking for a Cause!

Monday, November 11 was a national holiday in Canada, Remembrance Day.  The EC Montreal school was closed.  I decided to spend the day baking for our Movember fundraiser that will take place on Wednesday, November 13. I spent hours in the kitchen making hundreds of goodies to be sold at our bake sal … Read more

Remembrance Day

Our EC Montreal students have been asking us “What does the red flower that everyone is wearing mean?” and “Why is EC closed on Monday, November 11?” We have been explaining to them that Remembrance Day is a day of honoring the men and women who sacrificed their well-being to … Read more

Annual Santa Claus Parade!

Every year EC Montreal staff and students look forward to the last week of November so we can meet Santa Claus! This year, the parade will take place on Saturday, November 23 at 11 a.m.  The parade will run along Ste-Catherine Street, starting at Atwater and ending at St. Urban Street.  There will b … Read more

Soulful November Evening: A Salute to James Brown

Attending the Salute to James Brown on Thursday, November 14 at the Rialto Theatre is a perfect way to celebrate EC Montreal’s Soulful November theme! James Brown is the king of soul music.  His music still touches and affects us no matter how long ago his songs were written.  Sadly, James Brown pas … Read more

Cinemania: French Film Festival!

Monday, November 11 is a holiday.  EC Montreal will be closed as it is Remembrance Day.  If you are looking for something to do on this holiday date, you should check out Cinemania, Montreal’s French Film Festival! The Cinemania festival presents audiences with French-language films of excelle … Read more