Dacio Pasarell: A Proud EC Montreal Alumni!

Dacio Pasarell has been living in Montreal for 13 years.    He chose Montreal as it is one of the leading cities in the world in the field of video games.  It was Dacio’s dream to be a 3D artist for a video games company.  He knew this would be a very difficult challenge since he did not speak … Read more

A Warm Cup of Hot Chocolate!

There is nothing more soothing for the soul that a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold November day.  Today was EC Montreal’s first soulful November activity and it was a hit! We prepared 10 litres of hot chocolate for our students to enjoy!  Every table in the student lounge was set up with w … Read more

EC Cares

Corporate Social Responsibility is extremely important to EC.  It is part of our DNA and our culture.  Devoting our time to local charities, the environment and to our community is part of our every day life at EC.  EC is an organization that cares. EC Montreal has embraced this philosophy and has m … Read more

Job Inbterview in Canada?! Useful Tips from our Academic Year Advisors!

Every Friday, EC Montreal students have the opportunity to participate in our English/ French for Work Workshops, which offer a great chance to develop crucial skills for the job market. If you plan to study abroad at EC Montreal, these workshops will help you to prepare for your professional future … Read more

How to Handle Culture Shock

When you arrive in Canada, you have many adjustments to make.  Some of the biggest differences are: food, social customs, schedules, and language.  It is normal to experience Culture Shock.  Here is some information to help you through this challenging, but exciting time. There are usually 4 stages … Read more

The Reading Circle

EC Montreal’s reading circle is part of our student’s morning classes every Friday.  The purpose of this component is to assist are students in developing an interest and appreciation for reading.  It gives our students an opportunity to practice their reading skills by reading different … Read more

Jan Buchholz from Germany

Hi my name is Jan and I am from Germany. I really enjoyed my time at EC Montreal! Unfortunately, I could only stay for two weeks. Nevertheless, my French could improve a lot and I was able to refresh my memory. Everyone in the school is really friendly, helpful and professional. The school offers ma … Read more