Brazilians Love EC Montreal!

brazilian focus group

EC Montreal held a focus group with our Brazilian students today.  It is so important for us to get feedback from our students.  We are always aiming at improving our services.  Our students are our clients and they are our “raison d’etre”.  Everything we do is to ensure they are happy with their decision in choosing EC Montreal as a destination to learn a language!

The entire EC Montreal team is at their disposal to ensure they succeed in a global community.

We would love to share some of the student comments with you!

Ana Carolina Mendes says:

“I am learning French and am placed in the Pre-Intermediate level.  I chose to come to Montreal because I can use both languages.  Also, Montreal is a beautiful city and very cosmopolitan!  The teachers care a lot about the students and are concerned about our learning.  The course material is very useful”.

Clara de Sousa says:

“I am registered in the bilingual programme and placed in the Elementary level.  I chose Montreal because I wanted to study 2 languages.  I like all my teachers.  They are so attentive.  EC Montreal has exceeded all my expectations!  I love to study at EC Montreal!”

Barbara Lopes says:

“I am taking the bilingual programme and I am in the beginner class.  I chose Montreal because it is a beautiful place and is a great city!  I love my teachers.  They are so funny.  I will recommend EC Montreal to a friend because it is perfect for me.”

Vinicius Melo Mendes says:

“I am in the English programme.  I chose Montreal because I wanted something different and Montreal is very different!  It is completely bilingual!  My teachers are all so funny and interactive.  My experience at EC Montreal has been almost perfect!  I would love to be able to move up more quickly.”

Felipe Mateus de Araujo says:

“I am in the Englsih programme.  I chose Montreal because I have family here and it’s a very interesting place to live.  I would love to come back to study French!  All my teachers are very funny!  I will recommend EC Montreal and will definitely be back!”


EC offers many English Courses, including basic English in Montreal!



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