EC Montreal Enjoys the Annual Just For Laughs Festival!


EC Montreal English language centre students will be the first to tell you that the month of July is action packed in Montreal!  Our activity calendar is filled with all the amazing events and festivals taking place around the city.  One festival leads into another one – there is no break to all the entertainment offered in Montreal!  The Jazz Festival will be coming to an end this week and right after, the biggest comedy show in the world will begin!!  Montreal’s Just for Laugh’s Festival will be taking place from July 9 to the 28.

There are many private shows in different venues, however, the entertainment district – “quartier des spectacles” will be alive with so many comedy acts and street performers!  The festival always kicks off with a twin parade!  All the twins of Montreal dress up in the most fantastic costumes and strut along Ste-Catherine Street.

EC Montreal will definitely be attending many events scheduled by the Just For Laughs organization!  We can’t wait!!



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