EC Montreal Students Enjoy our Ice Cream Bar!

ice cream bar

Yesterday, EC Montreal held a much anticipated Wednesday activity – the ice cream bar!  Students had seen the posters around the school advertising this event, but I don’t think they imagined it would be so wonderful!

Every table in the student lounge had a tower of different kind of ice cream cones; a variety of shapes, sizes and colours!  In addition, we had the most amazing tops to add to their ice cream!  Whether you like chocolate, caramel, strawberry syrup or whipped cream, there was something for everyone!

ice cream bar 2

The display would not be complete without a variety of sprinkles, candies and chocolate – lots and lots of chocolate!!

Our students had so much fun building their cones and making the most impressive dessert!

We simply love giving our students these wonderful surprises and giving them opportunities to interact with one another, helping them make friends!

Life is sweet at EC Montreal!



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