Student Testimonial: Ricardo Pereira

Ricardo  has been participating in EC Montreal’s General English programme. He came to Montreal to study at our EC Montreal Language School with his wife Debora Oliveira. They are having a very good experience here and it is a pleasure to us having them as students. Let’s see what Ricardo want … Read more

Cheers to Healthy Living at EC Montreal!

As part of EC Montreal language school‘s New Year’s resolution theme, EC Montreal held a healthy lunch activity today!  We transformed our breakfast bar in the lounge into a salad bar! The bar was filled with healthy and nutritious ingredients to make the most colourful and delicious lun … Read more

Zumba Lessons at EC Montreal!

Part of EC Montreal language school’s January resolutions theme is getting fit and that’s exactly what we did this week! Milena, our dynamic activity leader is also a certified zumba instructor.  She lead a zumba class for our students to introduce them to fitness and wellness.  The clas … Read more

EC Montreal Welcomes Farida Abla to the Team!

We are delighted to introduce you to Farida Abla; EC Montreal’s newest member of the administration team. She is taking on the role of Assistant Director of Studies. Farida Abla is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Humanities Program at Concordia University where she serves as a Research Associate at Simone … Read more

“Welcome to Taiwan”- Student Presentation by Tieni

EC Montreal’s students presentations of this week end with a wonderful presentation by Tieni, a student who has been studying English and French at EC Montreal language school  since the summer or 2014! her journey with EC Montreal comes to an end this week and she wanted it to be one we will … Read more

Montreal Among World’s Best “Secondary Cities”

Did you know that there is a Top 40 for world’s most impressive “second cities”? Do you know what a “second city” is? First hint: in Canada Montreal is a second city, that means that Toronto is the most populated city in Canada, so a primary city.Even though we all know … Read more

Montreal to Host a “Star Wars Launch Party” in Saint-Henri!

Here is a great piece of news for our EC Montreal students that are Star Wars fans.They can get a taste of new content tomorrow at Montreal’s Star Wars #1 Launch Party. This day-long event aims to celebrate the release of the first issue of Marvel’s new comic, simply titled Star War. it is hosted by … Read more

Free Chocolate Festival in Montreal

Montreal is a city that loves chocolate all year round, but with more ardor during the month of February- Valentine’s month! Montreal is also a city that abounds in festivals, so it is not surprising that Montreal’s Marche Bonsecour is the host, year after year, of the ” all things … Read more