Scarlett Liliana Mondragon Sosa Presents: The Aztecs, A Story Before Mexico

scarlett aztec

Scarlett is a lovely young woman from Mexico who has been participating in EC Montreal’s Academic year 30 Lesson Programme since November 2014.  This is her last week at EC Montreal. We are sad to see her go.  She is one of our most popular students, especially since she performed an incredible dance act at the World Student Day celebration.  Many of our EC students and staff members were there in attendance to support Scarlett while she delvered her presentation.

Scarlett chose to talk about the Aztec culture.  She first began by asking the audience what they knew about Mexico.  Most people shouted out “tequila, tacos, Cancun and sombreros”.  She showed images of the most popular images of Mexico, which of course, included the above descriptions.

She explained that she was going to talk about the Aztec culture which existed before Spain conquered Mexico.


We learned that the name Mexico is derived of three Aztec names which can be translated to “the belly button of the moon”.  What a poetic name for a country!

We learned that the Aztec was believed to have begun as a northern tribe of hunger-gatherers whose name came from that of their homeland, Aztlan.  The Aztecs were also known as the Tenochca, from their capital city, Tenochtitlan.

The used cacao beans as currency and had a very sophisticated order which included a king, a clergyman, administrators, peasants and slaves.

The most common tributes of the culture included corn, cacao, chili peppers, honey and cotton which are still used very much in Mexican culture today.

It was a very interesting presentation.  We are very proud of Scarlett’s achievements.

We look forward to our next student presentations!  Join our English classes in Montreal and you too can learn how to deliver a stellar presentation!