Meet our New Student Ambassador: Alessia Provenzano!

Alessia Provezano is a lovely young woman from Italy participating in EC Montreal’s English For Work Programme which consists of General English Lessons in the morning and a Business English elective in the afternoon.  She is enjoying her English course at EC Montreal!

We are so happy to welcome Alessia to the Student Ambassador team!  Here is what she would like to share about herself:

New EC Montreal Student Ambassador: Alessia Provenzano!

Hi everyone!  I’m Alessia Provenzano.  I am twenty-six years old.  I come from Brindisi, a city in Puglia, one of the most beautiful regions in Italy and also one of the most beautiful countries in the world according to National Geographic.

I also lived in Milan from eight years and I lived in Rome for five years, where I graduated in Marketing and Communicaitons.  I like surfing the web and using social media.

In my free time, I like reading books, travelling and meeting friends.

I am a very extroverted and talkative person and I like to meet new people and having new experiences.  For this reason, I volunteered to become an EC Montreal student ambassador.