Meet EC Montreal’s Japanese Counselor, Mariella Gaffrey!

We are delighted to introduce you to EC Montreal’s English and French teacher as well as our Japanese counselor, Mariella Gaffrey.  Mariella has been working for EC Montreal for almost 2 years.  She has taught both our English and French levels.  She has also been named teacher of the month several times.  She is well respected and liked by both our team of teachers, staff and her students.

Mariella is half Japanese and speaks the language fluently.  She has shown an interest in becoming more involved at EC.  She started helping out with test invigilation and assisting us in our communication with beginner Japanese students.

She has been named our Japanese counselor and will be leading student focus groups with our Japanese students as well as orientation sessions with our Japanese groups.

Mariella is originally from Seattle,Washington.  She has lived in five different countries and speaks 4 languages; English, French, Japanese and Spanish.  She is dynamic, curious and attentive.

Mariella has a background in Psychology and Journalism, and she has been teaching since the age of 22. She loves learning about different cultures and why people do the things they do. She wishes her students to feel comfortable in the classroom and to become as passionate as she is for learning.

Her favorite meal is breakfast; eggs sunny side up. Music; anything that’s tasteful, enjoyable and loud.

We are very proud to have Mariella on our team at EC Montreal!

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