EC Montreal’s Young Learners Programme is Just Around the Corner!

EC Montreal has one of the best and most experienced summer teen camps in Canada! We welcome teen students from all over the world! Montreal is the ideal destination for our younger clients because although it is a big city, it has a small town feel to it, which makes it safe, comfortable and exciting!  EC Montreal’s Young Learners programme is now a certified camp.  We are proud members of the Quebec Camp Association. Montreal is known for its fashion, food and arts; however, there is truly something for everyone in this amazing city. We can offer our teen students, who are here to study English or French as a foreign language at EC Montreal, many thrilling and age-appropriate activities. Unlike many camps, EC Montreal offers a mix of cultural, tourist attractions, sports activities and various workshops, giving our young clients an opportunity to get a taste of everything our city has to offer and great occasions to learn something different. From our sports classes, cooking lessons, art lessons, museum visits, boating activities and much, much more!! The students are grouped by language proficiency not by age. We find that the intermingling of ages and cultures makes for a more interesting adventure for our teens! We have French and English options! If you want an exciting summer and want an opportunity to meet friends from all over the world? Join EC Montreal’s Young Learner’s Programme!  The programme is available from July 2 to August 10.  We have Day Programmes and Classic Homestay options available! We hope to welcome you to our French or English as a foreign language Montreal programmes this summer!

EC Montreal’s Young Learners Programme is a Certified Camp!

We are planning our Young Learner programme and wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the fact that EC Montreal’s programme is now a CERTIFIED CAMP! EC Montreal are leaders in the market of Young Learners in Quebec as we are the only private language school that has received accreditation. It speaks of a standard that is well respected and recognized. In Canada, it is one of the quality assurance tools used by parents in selecting a summer camp for their children. EC Montreal has proven to the Quebec Camp Association that we offer quality in all service areas and have met the norms and standards set by the association.  Parents can breath a sigh of relief knowing that EC Montreal’s Young Learners programme offers our juniors a safe learning environment and is proactive in ensuring all our students’ well-being a priority. The Quebec camp standards is something camps should be proud of! The certification programme includes more than 60 standards governing requirements and best practices in terms of safety, supervision, programming, the environment, health and food.  Following is an overview: safety: Safe activities and equipment Qualified staff prepared to intervene at all times Requisite permits and valid certificates of competence supervision: From 50 to 60 hours of training offered to staff before camp opens Rigorous counselor/camper ratio adapted to each age group or to special needs clientele Systematic verification of the legal background of staff in the employment of the camp Established procedures for roll call and camp travel during excursions Environment, health and food: Quality control over drinking water and swimming areas Site and building verification and maintenance procedures Medication and first aid management protocols Healthy, balanced meals approved by a dietition Programming: Varied and balanced general or specialized programming based on a planned schedule of … Read more

Montreal’s Nuit Blanche Happening March 3!

Go to bed early on Friday because you have a big night coming on Saturday. It’s Montreal’s “Nuit Blanche”. It starts at 8 p.m. on March 3 and it ends a couple of hours after the sun rise. For the occasion the Metro is open all night so you don’t have excuses to leave early to catch the last metro at 1 a.m.! The event regroups over 170 activities + hundreds of exhibitions that go on all night. There are 5 areas, the Olympic park, The Plateau/Mile End, The Montreal Underground, The Old Montreal and the Quartier des Spectacles. The activities go from sports to dance to music to underground arts. If there is an activity we have to recommend it would be the Bran Van 3000 show at the Place des Festivals around 8 PM, they come from Montreal and they always give a good show when they are in town. Or, if you love wildlife, swing by the Biodome at Viau Metro station on the green line, for a unique experience. The nocturnal animals are awake and active, and the dim lighting and the calls of crickets and frogs add to the special atmosphere. Just a little tip, be prepared and plan in advance your itinerary. Bring warm clothes because you never know what the night reserves you. Have a great time exploring Montreal at night! Join our English as a foreign language Montreal programmes!

Meet Karen Chung: EC Montreal’s New Academic Assistant!

We are happy to introduce you to our new employee at EC Montreal, Karen Chung!  She will be helping out in our academic department and at the front desk. Here is what she would like to share with all of you: My name is Karen and I’m a native Montrealer who is looking forward to meeting and engaging with people from all walks of life and various parts of the world at EC Montreal. I’m a creative type who loves travelling, learning new languages, and immersing myself in various cultures. After completing a BA in English Literature at McGill University, I spent four years living in the UK where I graduated with a Master’s in Creative Writing and started honing my skills as a musician. I love to spend my time reading, writing, singing, playing the ukulele, drinking tea, and eating cheese.  Join our English as a foreign language Montreal programmes!

EC Montreal ESL Student Marcial Lopez

About EC…We Believe!

Welcome to EC Montreal!  Here is a little bit about EC and what we believe and stand for! We believe the best way to teach English or French is to fully immerse our students in the language and culture of an English or French speaking country. We offer a wide range of English and French language courses for students of all levels and ages, and aim to provide a ‘home away from home’ for our students, by assisting them with airport transfers, accommodation and continuous support during their stay. We believe that by being able to speak English or French, our students will broaden their horizons and give themselves a competitive edge. While studying in an English-speaking or French-speaking country we want our students to learn about the local culture and cultures of their international classmates. We believe that better cultural understanding brings people together and benefits all. When our students leave us, we want them to take with them an improved level of English or French, a better understanding of the world, improved opportunities and memories and experiences they will never forget. We believe in helping students succeed in a global community! Join our English as a foreign language in Montreal programmes!

EC Montreal’s Annual Traffic Light Party!

Every February, EC Montreal holds a traffic light party.  February’s theme is all out the love and one great way to find a love connection is to attend a singles party. The traffic light party offers a unique way to find out who is taken and who is available and looking for love! EC Montreal staff served our students colorful cocktails!  If you ordered a green cocktail, it meant that go, go, go…and you are available to meet someone!  If you ordered a red cocktail, it meant stop…I’m taken, don’t even think about it!  A yellow cocktail signified, it’s complicated.  I’m not with Mr. Right, I’m with Mr. right now! This traffic light party initiated great conversation among our students.  When someone ordered a yellow martini, they were instantly asked, “why is it complicated?”. EC not only offers English and French courses in Montreal, it offers our students wonderful opportunities to interact with one another and to make connections. The love theme will continue all month long with a chocolate festival, movie days and other great events! Join our English as a foreign language in Montreal programmes!

A Sneak Peak at EC Montreal’s March Calendar of Events!

EC Montreal is planning its March calendar of events and the best word to describe it is sweet!  March is maple season in the province of Quebec so our theme next month will be all about maple syrup. The complimentary activities will include a pancake breakfast on March 7 when we will also be celebrating International’s Women’s Day! The following week, we will hold our annual Maple Syrup Festival in the student lounge.  We will have a wonderful array of maple treats for students to sample as well as facts about maple syrup.  The province of Quebec produces 80% of the world’s maple syrup and many people are not aware of how maple syrup is made and all of its health benefits. On March 21st, the maple theme will continue with an afternoon of maple tea and conversation.  We will serve this soothing beverage and chat with our students. As the following week, we will be celebrating Easter, we will hold a cupcake and Easter cookie decorating activity in the student lounge. The cultural outings next month include a taste of poutine, a night at the casino, a visit to the Place Ville Marie observation deck, an outing at the planetarium and in keeping with the Easter themed week, a visit to Montreal’s majestic Notre Dame Basilica. The weekend tours won’t disappoint either!  Iko tours is offering trips to Quebec City, Toronto / Niagara Falls, a day at a Maple Farm Sugar Shack, Ottawa and for the Easter long weekend, a 3-day trip to 1000 Islands, Toronto and Niagara Falls. What a sweet and festive month we look forward to at EC Montreal!  Join our English as a foreign language in Montreal programmes!

Montreal’s Festival of Lights is Coming Back Soon!

Is it too cold to go out?  Would you rather curl up with a blanket and hibernate until spring arrives? It might be a little cold for our EC Montreal International students who came to participate in a language adventure, but there is one thing you must experience while in Montreal before you decide to hibernate!  The Montréal en Lumière Festival! The festival is one of the largest winter festivals in the world, an annual celebration drawing 900,000 fans to experience the joy of Montreal wintertime through a unique program combining performing arts, gastronomy, free outdoor family activities, and a full night of exquisitely original discoveries! The festival offers a spectacular celebration of lights, sound and amusement!  There will be slides and a giant illuminated Ferris wheel. The festival takes place from February 22 to March 4 in the Quartier des Spectacles area outside of Place des Arts. Join our English as a foreign language in Montreal!

French at EC Montreal: Language and Culture!

We thought it would be a great idea to offer our blog readers information on learning French. EC offers French courses in Montreal! No matter how old you are, it is never too late to learn another language! The most important tip is to learn a language where it is spoken! This is the “raison d’être” of our industry. If you want to improve your French skills, immerse yourself in the French language. This is key to your success at achieving your language objectives. Traveling to Montreal is the first step! You will be surrounded by French speakers and there are French signs everywhere. If you are going into a shop, for example, practice your French by asking for assistance in French. When you go out to dinner or order lunch from a snack bar, communicate in French! EC Montreal offers quality French classes. We have 7 levels from absolute beginner to advanced.  If you want to start learning French from scratch or you are interested in brushing up your skills, EC Montreal is the perfect option!  Our teachers are all university graduates with FSL experience and teaching certificates. They are motivated and dedicated members of the EC Montreal team!  We offer modern facilities as all our classrooms are equipped with smart boards. It is fascinating watching our teachers use this great tool! They can go from one presentation slide to the next, use it as a blackboard, show videos and google images to illustrate their lesson plan.  Our groups are relatively small. The maximum class size is 15. Every student has an opportunity to practice and contribute to the classroom discussions. EC teaches the communicative approach which means the emphasis is on the spoken word and oral production, however, we teach 4 language skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing. We highly recommend … Read more

Young Learners From Brazil Share their EC Experience!

Last Friday we said farewell to our lovely group of Young Learners from Brazil!  They had been participating in EC Montreal’s teen winter programme and they loved every minute of it! After the certificate ceremony on Friday, we surprised them with a taste of Montreal farewell lunch.  The lunch consisted of Montreal bagels, smoked meat platters and poutine!  We threw in a veggie platter but it remined pretty much untouched!  They students were so happy!  They played music, took pictures and made sure to hug the EC staff good bye. Before they left, they wanted to share their EC experience with everyone!  Here is what they had to say: Elias Balbao I liked everything including the free days and the homestay.  I also loved the classes with the music!   Heloisa Santos I chose Montreal because I have always wanted to go to Canada and also do an exchange programme.  I learned a lot of new vocabulary.  I believe that I improved a lot in only two weeks.  My favorite activity was the Create a Nation, because it was so much fun.  I liked all my lessons and activities.  My homestay family were really amazing people.  I would definitely recommend EC to all my friends.  Everything was a really good learning experience!   Leonardo Theodora Ferrais I learned so many things and tricks to use and improve my English.  I simply loved these weeks here at EC Montreal.  I loved the “I have 6 cats” music and all the activities.  Katrina is the best English teacher ever!  I loved the classes!   Joao Guilherme de Matos Souza I really liked the homestay family and the teacher!  The activities were great!  I loved it!   Luiza Tomasi I learned a lot about how to be independent and be able to solve … Read more