EC Montreal Young Learners Student Testimonials!

“I learn a lot of about English, Canada, and Montreal. I was amazing and interesting! I like all activities very much! I get a lot of positive emotions and I like EC program very much! Thank you very much for your work with us! I love you so much EC and teachers!” – Kseniia Shipinova

“I had a lot of fun at EC. Everyone was very welcoming and I’ve made a lot of great friends. The activities are pretty funny for the most part and the teachers / counselors are awesome. I’ve learned a good deal of French and met people from a lot of different places. 9/10 experience! 😊” – Alexandria Leon

“I chose Montreal because I wanted to tell my friends about Canada. All of the activities were cool, the school lessons were interesting and I liked my host family. I made friends from countries all around the world. I will remember everything!” – Denis Selishchev

“I improved my speech a lot. I enjoyed the projects and my teacher most about the school. I made friends from Russia, Spain and Brazil and I loved Ana, my activity leader! I would recommend EC to a friend!” – Beatrice Gandini (English)

“I had a great time at EC Montreal due in part to the great staff employed who are supportive and project a great attitude onto the students!” – Justin Whitney

“I chose Montreal because I love being in Canada. I picked up a little vocabulary but I most improved in my comprehension. I very much enjoyed class because of the laid-back, not-like-school atmosphere. My favorite activity was laser tag. My host parents were great; they spoke no English, so communication was a little difficult. In the end, I learned a lot of French just from talking to my host parents.” – Harry Wilde

“I chose Montreal because I wanted to learn French. I enjoyed rock climbing the most and the people were the best part of my stay. I made friends from Brasil, Spain, USA and Russia. I loved the activity leader’s enthusiasm. I will remember the friends I made!” – Simon Furton

“I really liked your EC school. I once again want to fly Russia from Canada. Canada is the best country in which I went! Very very thank you!” – Pavel Malkov

“My time here was very fun. Not only did I learn more French but I also learned more but I also learned more about other cultures from my peers. I definitely improved in my French though it was one week. My favorite activities were ice skating and laser quest.” – Saniyah Leon

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