EC Montreal Student Focus Group Feedback!

Every week, EC Montreal meets with its departing students to get feedback on their EC experience.  This information is essential for us to improve our services and to address common student concerns.  This week we met with students from Mexico, Germany, Japan, England and Switzerland.  Here is what they had to say about their EC experience:

Theodore from England

I chose EC Montreal as I wanted to study French but outside of France.  I studied at the school for a month.  My French did improve in terms of vocabulary.  In terms of grammar, I learned nothing new.  I thought my teachers were good.  They were clearly passionate and enjoyed their jobs.  They were always very approachable and kind.  My accommodation was excellent and so were my host parents, Marc and Chantal.  I felt very at home and was well-fed.  I would recommend EC to a friend.  There is too much English in the school so my experience was not entirely immersive.  I made friends from mainly South America and Japan.  Being the sole representative of my nationality at EC wasn’t too bad.

Valentine from Switzerland

I really like EC and I am a bit sad to leave because it is really helpful!  The only thing that I would say is that it is expensive but I know it is a private school so if has to be expensive.  I really appreciated the method of teaching like the group exercises and the written assignments that are more personal at the school like for example talking about different countries, cultures or things that we appreciate.  It is also interesting to speak with other students who are learning here about other cultures.

Julian from Germany

In general, I really enjoyed my time at EC.  I chose Montreal because my French wasn’t the best so I could speak English.  I think I improved but 4 weeks is not that long but still.  I really found friends from Colombia and Mexico that was very nice.

Monica from Mexico

I chose EC Montreal because I wanted to learn two languages and I liked the English classes, especially.  I would recommend EC because there are good teachers.  I made a lot of new friends from different countries so I can learn about other cultures and languages.  I will remember all the good experiences I had at school and the activities.  As a suggestion could be better if we can learn French with two teachers in Debutant 1, maybe can be easier with two different experiences.

Nancy from Mexico

I studied at EC Montreal because I need to practice more.  I will begin with my postgraduate studies and to be here, it was a great opportunity to confirm and learn some things that I know and others I didn’t know them.  I chose this destination in Montreal because it is a multicultural place.  I liked this experience and have already recommended it to my brother.  He will start his new course next summer.  Thanks for the lessons!

Friedrike from Germany

EC is a well-organized school.  They offer a lot of activities outside the classes and make the learning experience fun.  All the teachers are very friendly and eager to offer diverse classes where you can learn language and culture.  I would definitely recommend the school to a friend.

Mitsuki from Japan

I chose Montreal because it had a multicultural environment.  I wanted to meet people who have various backgrounds and learn about different cultures.  On the first day I was a little nervous because everything was new for me but I was adjusting to the new environment and had a great time.

Matsumi From Japan

I learned French and English because both of them are important for me.  My major in university is French literature so I chose to study here.  I can improve skills because of my teachers’ support and my host family.  They were really good and I could experience a lot of things with them.  EC’s teachers are really good to.  I really like it here.

Lena from Germany

I was a student at EC Montreal for 6 weeks.  It was a really amazing time.  I really like the school because of the classmates and the teachers.  Also, I noticed that I improved my French even if I just stayed for a short time.  What I liked the most was the activities after school and on the weekends.  I visited Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto and Niagara Falls which was a great experience.

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