EC Montreal Students Share Their EC Experience!

At EC Montreal, student feedback is very important to us!  For this reason, we meet with all our departing students every week to get feedback on their EC experience.  We use this information to better improve our services and the quality of our programmes.  We also share this information with the rest of the EC departments so we can work on solutions to issues as a united team.

This week, we met with students from France, Switzerland, Canada and Brazil.  This is what they had to say about their EC experience:

I have chosen this school for I wanted to come to Canada to learn some French.  The accommodation was very good.  The host family is great and I like that the school for I made some progress.  I had a great time.  – Mateus

I chose this school because it is close to my home.  I learned a lot more French.  It is hard to improve in only two weeks.  I liked the classes and the teachers are great.  I like that the teachers explain.  I would recommend EC to my friends.  It was a great experience to get to know Montreal and to be part of EC. – Jane

I really like the teachers; Peter and Cristina.  I chose this destination because my cousin lives here and I like the city.  In my opinion the school have to improve the way of the admissions test.  A lot of students in my class were in different levels, including me.  At least I really enjoyed my time here.  – Dora

EC is a great place to meet new people from all over the world and the activities outside the classes that it has are great.  The classes are great and the teachers are receptive.  However, the French test includes a lot of listening to things and the listening and comprehension was not explored as much as it should have been to be such a big part of the test.   I liked my stay, the teachers and classes were great but do improve the tests please and put things in the test that you teach in the classes. – Davi

I really like the school in Montreal and I am thinking of going to New York city next.  I enjoyed the trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls on the weekend.  I loved shopping and watching TV in English.  The city has incredible architecture and EC Montreal is very well organized.  – Lilian