Learning French is Fun with EC Virtual French!

EC offers more than English virtual lessons; we also offer French and Bilingual options too!  EC Montreal is the only school among all EC destinations that teaches French in addition to English lessons.  Our French program has grown in popularity as most of our students have expressed a desire to learn a third or fourth language.  Second to English, French is the most learned language in the world.  French is still the international language of diplomacy, of the culinary world, of the art world, the official language of the Olympics and let’s face it, it is still the language of love.

I would always joke with our students who showed an interest in taking some French classes at EC Montreal while they are here studying English that they want to surprise their boyfriends or girlfriends back home by learning some romantic French phrases.  They laugh and admit that it would be great to get a taste of a second language while they are here.

Whether are students are interested in studying International Business, get into politics, are planning a romantic trip to Paris or want to immigrate to Quebec, EC Montreal is here to help our students achieve their language goals.  Our students learn so quickly with our passionate and skilled French instructors.  We teach our students confidence and motivate them to excel.

Even with our current EC Virtual French lessons, our teachers are going above and beyond to ensure our students are learning and enjoying the process.  Just today, our wonderful French teacher, Sharhzad sent me the picture found above that is a collage of her virtual lessons taught.  Her students adore learning with her.

Join our French virtual lessons and meet students from all over the world and see that Ca va bien aller!

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