July Virtual Teachers of the Month!

EC Montreal announced its winning virtual teacher for the month of July today!  We are thrilled to report that Olga is the English teacher of the month and Shahrzad won for French!  We are thrilled for both of them!  This is not the first win for either of them.  They have both won several times since we moved all our lessons over to EC Virtual.

Olga and Shahrzad have both stepped up during this crisis.  Olga has been giving of her free time to offer support to her students.  She has been a shoulder for them to lean on and has really gone above and beyond to ensure her students remain motivated and engaged.  Shahrzad has also put out all the stops during the pandemic.  She delivered a free French for Beginners workshop to all the English virtual students in North America to help increase visibility for our French programmes in Montreal.  Her workshop was so well received that students have been asking for more!  Shahrzad also takes the time to send us videos from her online lessons as well as summaries of what the students are working on in class, so we can share all these success stories on social media.

It is therefore no surprise that these two teachers received the most wins for July’s teacher of the month campaign!

We are proud of our entire team of teachers at EC Montreal!  They have truly been our heroes during this difficult time.  August will be the last month that we will be working remotely.  We are going back to our school on August 31!  We can’t wait to welcome our team of teachers and students back!  We have missed our EC Montreal family so much!

Until then, we look forward to teaching you English or French online on EC Virtual!

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