Fun Upcoming Event in NYC: The Feast of San Gennaro

Upcoming Event in NYC: The Feast of San Gennaro When you study English in New York, there are so many events to enjoy during your free time! The Feast of San Gennaro is a popular event in Little Italy, from September 12-22, 2019 with Italian food and free entertainment. The Feast of San Gennaro bega … Read more

How to Use Lectures to Improve your English

This month’s lecture at EC New York has come and gone. We hope you enjoyed learning about Hurricanes with our Lead Teacher, Tatiana. Attending a lecture is not only a great way to develop your listening skills, but it can also be used to build vocabulary and even practice writing and speaking. How? … Read more

Brooklyn Bridge Walking Activity

Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour On Wednesday, August 22nd, Student Services Coordinator Emily led a group of students for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and a walking tour of Dumbo. It is one of the many activities offered at our English school New York. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York’s most … Read more

March Madness Hits EC New York!

March Madness refers to one of the biggest, most exciting, basketball competitions. in college basketball in the United States, 68 teams compete each spring in seven rounds for the national championship. The second to last round is known as the Final Four, when there are only four teams left! most v … Read more