Hello! Each month, the EC NEW YORK BLOG talks to one of our current students. This March, we’ve decided to talk to Natalia from Medellin, Colombia.


Natalia from Colombia
Natalia from Colombia


EC NY BLOG: Hi Naty!




EC NY BLOG: Naty, we’ve heard so much about Medellin — basically that your home city is really beautiful. What else can you tell us about it?


NATALIA: Medellin is simply wonderful. It is a city of almost three million people. The population is incredibly friendly and happy. We like to receive foreigners and make them feel at home. The weather is wonderful — warm enough to enjoy a swimming pool or a nice walk. It is also a green city; it is full of trees and plants everywhere.

The city is surrounded by beautiful vegetation such as roses and orchids. Each year the city has a flower festival in August. During the festival, multiple parades are held.


EC NY BLOG: It sounds very different from New York City in the winter! Why did you choose our school?


NATALIA: I have two older sisters and one of them has been living here for 12 years. She is married and has two beautiful children. So, at the beginning, I came to New York City to spend my vacation with them but, later on, I started thinking about doing a short course that would help me to prepare for the TOEFL. Immediately, my sister thought of Cambridge (Blog’s note: Cambridge is now EC NEW YORK

) where she and a cousin had learned English.

I had planned to do only one month but quickly changed my mind and decided to stay longer. Today, I have been in the school for almost four months and I feel very happy. I have had a wonderful experience.


"I love this school!"
"I love this school!"

EC NY BLOG: Well, thank you. Please tell us more about why you like our school.


NATALIA: I have had three amazing teachers. Joan is my grammar and writing teacher. She’s a nice, talented woman. She is always eager to make us learn and lovingly corrects our mistakes. All her classes are very well prepared and organized.

Mike, my TOEFL speaking teacher, is a passionate teacher who gives all his energy in class. He is also a special guy at the school — someone who helps the students in trouble and prepares all the fun events for students to enjoy.

Finally, Amy, my fluency and pronunciation teacher… she’s an intelligent, fun teacher. Her classes are totally enjoyable, so there’s no chance of getting bored. She is strict and makes you work but is at the same time incredibly sweet.

I would just like to talk about each person in the school. I only have good things to say. I feel that in a short time I have created a strong bond with them. I love this school.


EC NY BLOG: Thank you, Naty! We feel the same about you.

Thank you, Naty!
Thank you, Naty!



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