A great piece of student work, by Yu Wen Chung

New York Stories – June 2012

a short story by Yu Wen Chung

It is a very short story, even we couldn’t say this is a story. It happened during a long trip when Felix had just quit his job, and went to New York to learn English, by himself.

The day, May 19 was his birthday, and he was sitting in the seat of the airplane which was flying to JFK airport in New York. He felt almost intolerably lonely since there were not any friends with him to celebrate his birthday. So he started to think that his decision to learn English in New York maybe was totally wrong, and a terrible and stupid thing.

But a few minutes later, something suddenly happened that changed Felix’s mind. When he checked the information on his passport, the girl who was sitting near Felix, seemed to notice his birthday and just smiled and said “Happy Birthday” to him. Her smile was really beautiful and made him feel warm. Felix said “Thank you” back to the girl. Although they did not speak any more, just this simple smile really changed his world. He started to think that maybe he had made a great decision and his story was just beginning.

It is true that the story really began from the next day. When Felix arrived at the EC language school for his first day, he was deeply touched by a similar perfect smile again. Yes, that girl was standing in front of him. She was also coming to New York to learn English in the same school as Felix.

Despite feeling a strong affinity for the girl, it was his destiny never to see her again.