Study English in New York City

Are you considering a trip abroad? Perhaps to study English? Anwar Numa, an EC New York student, uses digital story telling to outline his life goals and aspirations, and to explain how studying English at EC New York was helping him to get there.

Architecture? Why not? To become an architect. This is my goal…

But, wait a moment, why do I want to study that?

I didn’t have an answer, in fact, I think I had never thought about that, but there is
always a first time for everything in life, and now I have an answer.

When I was a child, I always had a pen in my hands, I wanted to put colors to
everytihng, I played with legos all the time and I liked drawing.

I love to create; colors, art, design, expressions, feelings…..

With architecture, with my major. I can express myself using those things; I can mix,
enjoy and play like a child…

I have learned: “There are three forms of visual art: Painting is art you can look
at, sculpture is art you can walk around, and architecture is art that you can walk

In Colombia, we have many examples of architecture. There are really interesting
places in different cities from every period of national history and buildings built by
good architects. That buildings are our memories of the colony, republic, modernist and
contemporary times. Architecture is here to remind of our history.

There are many forms, styles and kinds of architecture.

“All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains
cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the people in that space.”

I want to create new spaces, but it’s impossible if I don’t study, if I don’t know the history
and people, who did it before, I have to work hard. And It hasnt been easy.

When I finished high school in Colombia, I didn’t have any idea about my life, my future,
my goals, and I was very worried, because my decision was very important for my
family, but more important for me. It was going to determine my life, my livelhood and
lifestyle. It was going to define every day. I wanted something different, exciting, nothing
boring. I wanted to be happy with myself and successful. And my parents were proud of
me, they and my brother are so important in my life.

I was born in Ocana, a small city in Colombia, and when I decided to study at university,
I had to move to Bogota. And finally, I think my decision was very appropriate, because
I love my career, I feel happy when I wake up and go to the university. It’s not easy. I

need to study a lot, for 5 years, stay up late, wake up early, develop a lot of skills, take
responsibly of my own learning.

But all the sacrifices are worth it when I see my projects done Im proud and I think
everything is easier when you love what you.

I’m in the process of achieving my goal. I came to New York and now I’m in EC School,
because I want to learn English. New York City has been a really good experience for
me. I think, it changed me in a good way and a little bit my mind. Now, I know the world
is really big, I could feel that here. there are many ways of living life, interesting cultures
and people with feelings, ideas and opinions different from mine. And thanks to that i
can underestand, respect and tolerate more other people.

I’m so happy here, this time has been very important for me. And I can just say thanks
so much EC, thanks a lot. I have met a lot of people from several countries in the world.
I take countless and hertwarming experiences with my classmates and my teachers,
who are the best thing that EC New York has. Teachers

Finally, I hope to become an excellent architect, today, my main goal is to finish my
career in the best possible way, with a wonderful thesis and to continue studying. I have
a lot of goals, but my greatest dream is always to have dreams and to work hard to
achieve my goals.