Friendly Atmosphere, Helpful Staff – Clement’s Testimonial


Clement Guo is a French student who studied in EC New York’s Semi Intensive English program for two weeks. Clement placed into the C1 level, and while he already had a high proficiency in English, he was still able to improve his English by 2% during his time with us. It’s been a pleasure having Clement, and we wish him the best in the future. Clement graduates from EC New York tomorrow, but he wanted to share some thoughts about his time studying English in the USA.

“I think the thing I really enjoyed the most at EC was the atmosphere, which was a friendly one. The staff and especially the teachers are very helpful and being able to discuss a lot of topics with them was something that I really appreciated. I would definitely recommend EC to anybody who wants to learn English. I would advise them to try to make some friends at EC, which is really easy, and then to go out a lot in NYC in order to get to know some native people. Don’t be shy and try to speak English as much as you can while you are here. Try also to vary the activities you take part in so as to cover a lot of different lexical fields and situations. These combined with the lessons will definitely improve your English.”