Adriana’s Testimonial

Adriana Maria Gonzalez Niño from Colombia improved by 25% during her 12 weeks studying English at EC New York. That’s quite an accomplishment to be proud of! Adriana shared some of the highlights of her experience with us, and told us why she would recommend EC New York to other students, her favorite thing about EC New York, and what advice she would give to other students who want to improve their English as much as Adriana.

“I would recommend to study at EC NY, because you can experience a lot of things. Teachers are great and every day you have the chance to improve your English not only speaking and learning inside the classroom, but all around the school.”
“Try to hang out and spend time with friends from different nationalities. You will speak English all the time!”


Congratulations, Adriana!  Would you like to improve your English like Adriana?  Try one of our  full immersion English programs.