“The teachers really know what they are doing” – Mateus’ Testimonial

Mateus de Souza Pereira Silva from Brazil studied at EC New York for two weeks at an upper intermediate level. He shared with us some information about himself and his EC experience.



What do you do in Brazil?
I am a mechanical Engineer. I work for an Australian company. I am training to be a manager in the field.

Why are you learning English?
Because I want to be able to communicate with my colleagues and coworkers in Australia and also in the future. I want to get my MBA in project management.

Why did you choose to study at EC?
Because when people told me in Brazil that EC would be a really good choice. Also, the website is amazing and really shows how the company is.

Why New York City?
I always dreamed of coming to New York, and there is a lot of diversity here and a lot of things going on in the city. I’m on vacation, and I would like to study and have fun.

What did you like the most about your EC experience?
First of all, I like the schedules. Everything is in the right place. And the programs. You can go out with activity leaders and the classes are so amazing because you have fun and you learn too. The teachers really know what they are doing.

What did you like the most about living in New York City?
There are opportunities everywhere. And being surrounded by different kinds of people. I like the atmosphere. It is young and dynamic.

What advice would you give to someone starting at EC next week?
I would say don’t take yourself so serious. Enjoy the time that you are here but also do your homework. About the city, I would say don’t make any comparisons because everything is unique, and enjoy the best of New York.

Fun facts about Mateus:
I love to be in Times Square. A lot of things going on.
My favorite food in New York is pizza, and in Brazil, my favorite food is lasagna.
I dance contemporary dance.

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