3 Suggestions for a (cheap!) Great Weekend

Not sure what to do this weekend and short on cash?  Here are a few suggestions for a unique and inexpensive New York weekend.

1.  Walk across the Manhattan Bridge- Sure, the Brooklyn Bridge is much more famous than the other bridges for its architecture and views.  But it can be very crowded due to the large amount of tourists, cyclists, vendors, and pedestrians.  A best-kept-secret among New Yorkers is walking across the Manhattan Bridge instead of its more famous neighbor.  The view from this bridge not only rivals the Brooklyn Bridge, but there are much fewer people walking across.  It is easy to hop on at the East end of Canal Street, which turns into the bridge.  Be warned, though: there are five subway lines that run across the Manhattan Bridge in both directions, so it gets quite loud when a train passes by.

Manhattan Bridge  Manhattan Bridge  Manhattan Bridge

2.  Take a nap in Battery Park- The southernmost point of Manhattan is an open green space called Battery Park.  Named after the artillery battery that used to be located in the same place, Battery Park offers an incredible view of the harbor and is where you can access the ferry for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  There are ample benches for relaxing and plenty of food and drink vendors for a snack.

Battery Park

3.  Window shopping on 5th Avenue- 5th Avenue between 60th Street and 42nd Street is one of the most famous shopping avenues in the world.  yes, the stores are very expensive and high end- but it’s free to browse and look at the beautiful window displays!  Saks Fifth Avenue is one of the most famous and is located across from Rockefeller Center.


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