ECSD Appreciates Our Teachers for World Teachers’ Day!


World Teachers’ Day is celebrated all around the world. Over 100 countries take this day to recognize their mentors in the classroom, including Japan, Australia, India, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many others. It’s a time where we can honor our teachers and their special, invaluable contribution to our schools, students, and communities.

If you didn’t guess already, this special day was on October 5th, and ECSD celebrated by throwing a lunch party for our wonderful teachers! Amidst a medley of delicious Italian food, great conversation, and sweet treats, the school as a whole was able to appreciate the people who really make the English learning experience what it is here at the school: our teachers.


At EC San Diego, our teachers are unique, dedicated, and irreplaceable. We thank them for their commitment to the students! Not only do they care about their students’ improvement in speaking, understanding, and writing English, but they are devoted to making the classroom an engaging place in which students can have a truly enjoyable experience.

So thank you, ECSD Teachers, for all your love and hard work! We truly appreciate you and your contributions to the global community!