“Sunday Fun-day”: BBQ in Mission Bay Park! (2/23)

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(Above) EC San Diego students relax in the shade after playing a grueling game of Flag Football! *Photos courtesy of student Essam Almutair (center)*

This weekend EC San Diego students & staff  hung out, played some football, and enjoyed a delicious BBQ lunch together next to Mission Bay in San Diego.

EC San Diego’s Academic Year Coordinator Daniel Heckmyer brought out the school’s brand new grill – and EC provided meat, vegetables, water, and more for all those who came to the event!

Two students trying to catch one football!
Two students trying to catch one football!


AY Coordinator Daniel brought his daughter, Harmony, along to the event. She’s the best!

Sunday’s activity provided EC San Diego students with a free, fun event over the weekend. Everyone had a great time playing football and watching Daniel master the new grill – and, of course, eating delicious barbecue and practicing their English skills!!

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Students who come to learn English at EC San Diego to  can also expect to learn more about San Diego, its culture, and the cultures of their peers. As well, enjoying the outdoors is a San Diego tradition, and it helps our students to use their English in practical ways out of the classroom.

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Needless to say, we can’t wait until our next BBQ Sunday!!

All student are welcome to come – we would love to see you there!

(Ask for date/time at the front desk.)