Student Presentation-Chile

Student ambassador Pia gave a special student presentation on her home country of Chile.  See below for highlights!  Chile is a long and narrow country, located in South America. There are about 18 million people, and in capital city, Santiago, there are 5 million. Chile is considered a country with … Read more

EC San Diego experience-Hyunsoo Bae

 EC San Diego student Hans shares his experience! I chose to study ESL in San Diego because my cousin told me that the weather is nice and the people are kind. Also, I like that it is not crowded like other cities. I have learned so many things since studying here like how to deal with people from o … Read more

EC San Diego students listen to their peers' presentations and take notes in English

EC San Diego: English Immersion and Community Outreach

At EC San Diego, we take pride in our ability to seamlessly merge learning English via the classroom with cultural immersion and community outreach. This philosophy and practice make our EC center the best English language school in San Diego! Every month, EC San Diego students have two fantastic op … Read more

EC Spotlight: TOEFL in San Diego

Many international students come to the United States with a set plan to attend a US University or college. In order to gain acceptance into the university or college of their choice they must pass the TOEFL test. What is the TOEFL exam, exactly? TOEFL stands for “Test of English as a Foreign … Read more

Learning English at EC to Become a Global Citizen!

We are all here at EC San Diego to learn or teach English. But in a world of global citizenship, which other languages could be considered as significant? In December a panel of international researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) published a study mapping the worlds languages as … Read more

EC San Diego Gives Back: Feeding the Homeless

This past weekend members of EC San Diego’s Global Citizenship Course led by teacher Karen Salerni volunteered to feed the homeless in Ocean Beach. EC San Diego staff, students, and teachers were all invited to participate. EC San Diego’s Global Citizenship Course is just one of the many … Read more