Answer Sheet: Cambridge ESOL Tricks and Tips! (Key Word Transformation)

As promised, here are the answers to the Cambridge FCE questions provided just a few weeks ago! Remember, a perfect sentence on the exam would give you 2 points.

Example Sentence: In many countries you may leave school at the age of sixteen.
Key word: ALLOWED
Correct answer: In many countries, you are allowed to leave school when you are sixteen.

Example Sentence: I am similar in appearance to my father
Key word: LOOK
Correct answer: I look like my father.

Example Sentence: Don’t worry about the weather tomorrow.
Key word: POINT
Correct answer: There is no point worrying about the weather tomorrow.

Example Sentence:Travelers in Thailand come from several countries.
Key word: OVER
Correct answers: Travelers in Thailand come from all over the world.