A Host Family Thanksgiving

How did you celebrate this famous holiday?  Some of our students here at EC San Francisco spent Thanksgiving with a host family and learned about an important American tradition while eating a delectable home-cooked meal.  Here’s what Fatih Demiraslan, an ECer, wrote about what some call Turkey Day!


This week Kelly organized a Thanksgiving activity which introduced us with one of the most important celebrations of America.  When she asked us if we wanted to join, I was not sure and refrained from joining.  However, I trusted Kelly and accepted.  It was an amazing experience for me to meet the American family and to celebrate one of their most important days with them.  After eating the delicious meal including a generous turkey, we played many traditional games all day.  Now, I really feel that I am a member of this family because we continue to come together after this activity.  I want to thank you, Kelly, again for organizing such an amazing activity.