ECSF Testimonial – Madeleine Casio

EC student, Madeleine Casio, graduated on December 7th.  Before she left, she filled out an EC Testimonial talking about her experience at our school and in San Francisco.  Thanks, Madeleine!  We enjoyed having you here.  Come visit us again soon!

Madeleine Casio


I had an unforgettable time in San Francisco.  EC is a very recommendable school when someone is looking for a school with lots of different nationalities.  I really enjoyed my time in San Francisco and have met a lot of people especially when I was joining the school activities.  The EC staff was always nice to me and very helpful when I had questions.  I was quite lucky with my home stay because I was right next to the Golden Gate Park and also not that far from Downtown.  Overall my stay in San Francisco was superb!