Testimonial for EC San Francisco

Yunhee Ahn


It is already had been six months since I came to San Francisco to study English001. I made a lot of unforgettable memories while I studied at EC San Francisco. One of these memories is an experience as an EC San Francisco student ambassador. It was a great experience to make friends, learn many things, and improve my English skills.

First of all, I had many chances to meet new friends in EC San Francisco. The student ambassador’s main role is to welcome the new EC students every Monday and share my personal experiences to help them to adjust in school. Thus, it was easier to make many new friends from different countries and be a close friend with them.

In addition, I became better at public speaking in English. Honestly, I was bad at public speaking. Whenever I had to make a speech, I always felt nervous. Sometimes I got lost during the speech and that made me frustrated. As a student ambassador, I had to lead “Welcome walk” and “Coffee Club”, which are activities for EC students lead by student ambassadors. These were good opportunities to practice public speaking in English. Also, I could get some feedbacks of my speech from EC staffs and teachers. These helped me to be more confident in public speaking.

When I look back upon to the past, being an EC student ambassador was one of the best choices that I made in my life. At first, I was not sure whether I am qualified or not to be a student ambassador. However, I decided to give a challenge. Although I was not perfect person to be a student ambassador, I learned and improved a lot through this wonderful experience.