What you can see when you study ESL abroad at EC San Francisco

 Hi.  I’m Hoon, from Korea.  S.F is so fantastic a city. Basically the U.S.A is multicultural country. So in SF, there are a lot of festivals and parades of other country’s culture that are held around the downtown area. These celebrate other nations anniversary and festival day. For example St. Patrick’s day, they celebrate the Irish Saint Patrick. In Cincode Mayo, they celebrate Mexican heritage and pride which Mexican army win the war with French forces. All American people just enjoy these days.
 For me, these things are so interesting. Because in my home country, Korea, there are only few anniversary days for foreign cultures. Even if that kind of festival is held, the size of the party is just small. So actually we can’t enjoy it. My friend told me that while we were enjoying St.Patrick’s day with big parade on Market street, there was only little ‘One-block’ party in Korea. She totally couldn’t enjoy that party that time. This is part of why I enjoy my study of ESL abroad at EC San Francisco.