Comradship and community when you study ESL abroad at EC San Francisco

Two weeks ago, we celebrated EC San Francisco’s 3rd Birthday with an International Potluck. It was amazing and delicious. Teachers and staff brought food made from favorite family recipes and students brought favorite dishes from their home countries. We had food from different regions of the United States as well as food from Spain, Japan, Columbia, Taiwan, Venezuela, Thailand, Korea, Turkey, China, Switzerland, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Russia, to name a few! It was a delicious lunch and just one example of they ways in which we share cultures when you study ESL abroad at EC San Francisco!

Celebrating EC San Francisco's third birthday
Celebrating EC San Francisco’s third birthday


Which coutry’s food do you like? I guess you like your own country foods, but we have a lot of opportunities to eat other country’s foods, ask your friends!!
 I cooked Japanese food for my friends, it’s called ‘shabu shabu.’ Maybe some of you know about it. Before I came here, I had almost no idea about other country’s foods and I met many friends from different coulture, they told me a large number of things about food.
 To eat different kind of foods from your country is good, unforgettable experience. I am looking forword to eating meals which my friends cook (I hope they will) next time!!