The Mural at EC’s New Student Residence – Learn English in San Francisco and live in a very unique building

Our new student residence, the Monastery, has a HUGE, colorful mural in the main lobby and dining area.  It’s really beautiful AND it tells  story.  The pictures show the story of how Chinese characters, also called pictographs, came to be.  You can see how a drawing of a mountain eventually because the Chinese character for mountain.

A local artist decided on this these for the mural because this building was actually a Buddhist Monastery in the 70’s and 80’s.  AND,  EC shares the building with another school.  The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM).   This is a graduate school where American students come to learn about acupuncture and other Chinese medical approaches.  It is great for EC students to share this unique building with American graduate students, and is another great opportunity to learn English in San Francisco by speaking with and getting to know American students.





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