Get Some Extra Academic Support at ECSF’s New Guided Study Program


Hi students and blog readers,

The busy summer season at ECSF is rapidly winding down but for many of our students, the work is far from over as they continue towards their goal of expanding their English language skills. While many of ECSF’s after school activities are geared towards using English in a laid back and social setting, we also like to offer our students more support with their academic work. Students wanting more support with their homework should come to ECSF’s Guided Study Program.

Guided Study is a study hall we are offering to our students who are interested in getting help with their homework and writing skills. Guided Study is in Lombard classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:15 pm-3:45 pm and offers students the chance to work alone or in small groups in a comfortable setting that is academic centered. Teacher Tim runs Guided Study and is there to offer students assistance with their assignments. Space is limited so sign-up in the activities binder at the front desk to reserve your seat. Drop-in attendees are welcome based on available space.

 Teacher Tim





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