Majed’s Testimonial: Experiences Studying English

ELM Border Guard Graduate: Ghanem Alyousef
ELM Border Guard Graduate: Majed

USA adds value to my life. I decided to go to San Francisco to study English one year ago. San Francisco is one of the best places that I have seen in my life. I am glad that I study at EC. EC provides a great environment for international students to learn English. My English has improved since I start studying general English in San Francisco. Also, I have the chance to meet people and practice English with them. SF helps me make new friends. I have been hanging out with my friends and practicing English. In fact, there are many positive changes happening with me. Learning English allows me to learn and use many educational resources in English.

To sum up, studying English is very important. English is considered the global language and I highly recommend people to study English at EC.