EC San Francisco Walks the Walk

EC Earth Week

San Francisco is a city known for its organic food fare, liberal politics and progressive policies in place for sustainability and environmental conservation.  This week ECSF students showed their earth friendly pride by living and breathing a week’s worth of Earth Day activities.  Some of these included a Food Drive in which students donated cans of food to a local shelter, a “paperless Wednesday” where teachers were encouraged to deliver classes that did not rely on photocopying, some staff members agreed to live below the poverty line of $1.50 per day and finally, the week culminated in a Service Day Beach Clean-up involving staff and students alike who all volunteered a Saturday morning to give back to the community of San Francisco.

We are proud of our students and staff’s dedication to living green and contributing to this week long of environmental awareness.  Efforts and sacrifices were greatly appreciated and hopefully a greater sense of environmental awareness was achieved!

You can learn about the earth when you study ESL San Francisco.