Highlight of June

Summer has already started in San Francisco with our Monday’s weather! It is reaching over 80 degrees here. Whew! With June comes a lot of fun activities in our calendar at EC. Here are the events we are highlighting for you. Don’t forget to sign up with Anna and Amanda at the front desk! We want to see full lists!


June 11: Yoga Class at Grace Cathedral

Our student ambassador Mao is leading everyone to a yoga class at Grace Cathedral at 5:00PM. Grace Cathedral hosts FREE yoga classes every Tuesday. The cathedral was built in 1934. It has one of the most amazing architecture acoustic halls in the city.


June 12: Glen Canyon Park Hike

Glen Canyon Park is part of Glen Park in San Francisco. It is 70 acres big, and it was created in 1922. Teacher Gifford is taking students to an afternoon hike at 3:00PM. Please sign up!


June 18: Alcatraz Tour

We take our students to Alcatraz Tour every month. This month Sirena, our student ambassador, will lead the students to the ferry docks then to the infamous island of Alcatraz! The tour starts at 3:45 PM. Students should meet in the lounge at 3:00. Sign up for $45.


June 20: Oakland A’s Game

It’s the bay’s favorite team! Oakland A’s are facing Tampa Bay’s Rays as part of MLB league. The A’s are champions of the world’s series for 9 times. We will go cheer for them in their home Oakland Coliseum with Teacher Ricky! Let’s Go Oakland!


June 21: BBQ

Summer means that Ryan, our school director, is hosting BBQs regularly at the Golden Gate Park. This also means hotdogs and hamburgers, games and pets are always welcome! Sign up for $7.


June 26: Women’s Meeting

Every month, our hero Amanda gathers our female students for a hangout. Only students who identify as women can join. Sorry NOT Sorry to our male students. Maybe will have a men’s club for you!


For more information about our very busy fun calendar, please get a copy from Anna and Amanda at the front desk! They will be happy to also tell you more.


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