Mayu’s Food Recommendation!


What are the places you recommend in SF?

I recommend to go to the Doroles park. It’s a best place to chill. You can see downtown and dogs♡I enjoy seeing dogs and eating ice cream. There is an ice cream shop near the park. The shop’s name is “Bi-Rite Creamy”. The shop of exterior is cute and colorful. So you can enjoy eating ice cream and taking pictures. All my friends who went to there told me they liked the Doroles park. I hope you’ll have a good time at the park.

Can you recommend us some restaurants?

I highly recommend “Sotto Mare”. It is an Italian seafood restaurant located near Washington square park. The most popular item in the menu is “Best Damn Crab Cioppino”. It is based on tomato soup and there are many kinds of seafood and pasta. They serve their food in big bowls. So I recommend sharing with two or more people. My favorite dish is risotto!! When I ate it for the first time, my eyes opened so big. Because I had never eaten such a delicious risotto in my life. I think “Sotto Mare”is one of the restaurant that you should go to.

What’s the best burger in SF?

Do you know the most delicious burger shop in SF? Super Duper? In n out burger? The answer is a definite no! The most delicious burger sandwich is at “Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers”. It locates 10 minutes walk from Union Square. I can’t forget their burgers taste. Moreover their fries and shakes are also awesome. Especially strawberry shake is the best in the world. There includes strawberries pulp,so it isn’t artificial flavor!! I don’t go back home because of shake…

What Japanese restaurant do you recommend?

Then I recommend Japanese ramen restaurant “Waraku”(和楽). To be honest I didn’t trust any Japanese restaurant in SF. Because most of Japanese restaurant are not good for me… But I found restaurant that I can trust. “Waraku”locates in Japantown. The ramen is same taste as ramen in Japan. I’m picky about Japanese food so trust me and try ramen at “Waraku”!!


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