Are you an AY student? If not, why not?

Academic Year Program 2
Being an Academic Year student is so much more than getting your marks recorded on a weekly basis.  Academic Year students get their own counsellor, or as one AY student translated to another AY student “Your own academic angel”. Your personal counsellor meets with you a minimum of once a month, but if you need them more often or have questions or want to hand in homework, you can visit your Academic Counsellor anytime. You can even send them an email message!  These “Academic Angels” follow your progress and push you and support you to get the most out of your experience at EC Toronto.

Academic Year Program 1

Academic Year Program 3

What’s been even more interesting that I’ve discovered this past year, is that there’s a closer relationship and bond that builds with the AY students.  Everyone in the office knows them, and I begin to memorize their first and last names too!  They are kind of like student celebrities in my eyes. My personal students write me emails just to even tell me what they did on the weekend or on holidays. Your Academic Counsellors also start to get to know the real personalities of their AY students and can help them not only with academics, but also give advice on their adjustment in Toronto and special activities or programs to join. It’s a personal touch and added connection that is priceless.

Now I ask you again – If you’re not an AY student, why not?

Become an AY student by extending your studies, and you’ll also be extending your EC Toronto experience.

If you want to see more pictures of our Acedemic Year students visit our EC Toronto Facebook page.

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